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A girl can never have enough shoes, and with these, Victoria 4 gets some shiny high heels.

You get:
-conforming Delight Shoes for Victoria 4
-5 Latex (black, red, white, black/white, green/white)
2 Fur (Leopard, SnowLeopard)

Included Morphs:

Amazon, BodyBuilder, Definition
Fitness, Thin, Voluptuous, Young
FantasiaBody, UtopianBody
CalvesFlex, ShinThickness
Side-SideL(Out), Side-SideR(Out)
Side-SideL(In), Side-SideR(In)
BendL(Down), BendR(Down)
BendL(Up), BendR(Up)

Not tested in DazStudio.


Topmodel Nails for V4 & A4

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