Deep Wounds for G3F

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– 1 Complet preloaded wearable to load simultaneous: customs morphs/zombie character/skeleton/pose/various items for G3F
– 1 INJ/REM zombie (head and body) custom morph for G3F
– 2 materials preset for G3F (Iray only) skin with blood and skin without blood
– 8 wearables decaying for G3F: abdomen/back/left leg/right leg/chest/face/left arm/right arm (load simultaneous: custom morphs/textures and conforming figures).
– 1 Conforming figure skeleton for G3F fully textured and boned.
– 10 Zombies poses for G3F
– 78 Textures maps 4096×4096 (normal, bump, trans, diffuses)

1/ Load Genesis 3 and select it
2/ Go to People > Genesis 3 Female > DeepWoundsG3F
3/ Load the wearable item named “CompletePreloaded” by double-clicking.

Subfolders contents:

– G3Fposes: 10 zombies poses for G3F, select G3F in first.
– G3F zombie: in this folder, mats poses to applied to G3F the custom body and face morph and the skin material set (with blood or without blood) select G3F in first.
– SeparateDecaying: Load G3F base or your favorite character and experiment by including only the items you want.
Morphs and figures will apply automatically. Always select G3F before applying the elements.

This is the base product that will be indispensable to use the future extensions of the product line “Deep wounds” in the course of manufacture.
Note: 3Delight materials are not included, only Iray materials.


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Deep Wounds for G3M

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