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  • DeadWater Jail

Not everyone in DeadWater is on the right side of the law. So here is the new Jail. The inside cell includes inmate art on the walls and a big locking door. There’s a bird cage on the roof for the avian offenders and a hanging cell for the really nasty criminals. There is a sheriff’s desk and a tin can pot belly stove for the cold nights. All doors open with dials.

  • DeadWater Bank

Keep your money safe from those nasty vultures, real and virtual. Add the bank to your growing town and sleep soundly tonight. The bank comes equip with a state of the art slotted pig security system with removable cork. If your into landscaping you’ll enjoy the large Cactus prop and expandable land props. Hide the back for a better view or use the bank key to open the lock top.

  • DeadWater Hotel

Moving in or passing through, there’s always room in the Dead Water Hotel. The raising roof, removable side and morphing curtains give you the views you need. Book props and a wooden match prop might come in handy when the power goes out while reading yourself to sleep. Sand is included and we are bed bug free. All other bugs are welcome.

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