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Daz Studio Content Creation Mastery Part 6 : Rigging and Morphing Clothing Items

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Over 4 hours of tuition in HD edited recordings from live webinars.



“In this part of the Daz Content Creation Mastery course we’re going to have some serious fun! We’ll bring together all our knowledge gathered in the previous modules and apply them to rigging conforming clothes for a figure.

I’ll show you how to use the Transfer Utility and how templates can make things easier. We’ll discuss how to weight paint a clothing item and how to minimize distortion of buttons and other decorations. I’ll show you the best way to handle the JCMs (Joint Controlled Morphs) that are part of the Genesis 3 figures and how (and when) to add your own JCMs. I’ll also pass on my experience how to best deal with critical areas like armpits and crotch.

We’ll then move on to body morphs to support the figure’s shapes and how to protect decorations from distorting when a morph is applied. I’ll discuss the pros and cons of Daz Studio’s smoothing and subdivision features. And we’ll talk about adding style morphs to the clothes and how to adjust the figure to the clothing. Finally I’ll show you how to save presets that load the clothing and apply a pose or morph to the figure all in one go.” (Esha)


Preparing The Mesh

Transfer Utility

Adding Bones

Weight Painting

Handling Figure JCMs

Creating Custom JCMs

Dealing With Critical Areas


Rigging shoes

Creating body morphs

Protecting decoration from accidental deformation using rigidity maps

Adding style morphs

Smoothing, subdivision, both or none

Adding a morph to the figure for a better fit

Saving special presets


In this webinar series I’ll take you through the various stages of the creation process, from planning your project over modelling and UV mapping to rigging, morphing, texturing, rendering and packing up. We will cover each “leg” of this journey in detail and you’ll get lots of useful information, tips and tricks. I’ll show you various methods and workflows and discuss the pros and cons of each so you can make informed choices for your own personal workflow.

I’m covering the creation process using an upcoming product as an example. I’ll show you how to create a suitcase and a duffel bag

Presenter : Esha
Esha lives in Austria and has been creating 3D products for nearly 12 years.
She has created content for Smith Micro and Daz and is an active vendor at daz3d.com.
When Daz released the Developer Tools for Daz Studio in 2008 she integrated them into her workflow and has been working with Daz Studio, alongside Poser, ever since. In recent years she has been focusing on DS for product development.
Esha’s favourite tools include Daz Studio, Poser, ZBrush, Wings3D, Xfrog, Marvelous Designer, UVLayout and Photoshop. In all of these she is a self-taught artist, basing her skills on years of experience and numerous online tutorials. She fully understands the difficulties of moving from Poser to Daz Studio, having made that journey herself, and enjoys passing on her Studio know-how to new users.
Esha also has several years of experience in teaching adults. She firmly believes that the best way to learn is to actively do something yourself, so she favours a hands-on approach in teaching.
Knowing only too well how tiresome it is to gather scraps of information all over the web she wants to provide comprehensive webinars that really offer solid information. Moving from the basics to advanced procedures she takes care to make sure that her audience will be able to follow her courses smoothly.
In her spare time Esha loves listening to classical music, baking muffins and collecting cat photos.


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