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A collection of fine decorative jewelry for Victoria 4.2 which consists of 5 design elements distributed between earrings, neck collars, pendants, pins/broaches, finger rings and chain necklaces. All of which could easily fit into any era before the before the 20th century.

* The neck collars have adjustment morphs for the sides, front and neck back.
* The chain necklaces have adjustment morphs: front up, front toleft, front toright, definition, left out, right out, back out, left collar up, right collar up.
Product Includes:
43 object geometries (.obj)

5 pendant props for Bettine Necklace (.pp2)
5 neck collars (.pp2)
5 earrings sets (L&R) (.pp2)
5 pins/broaches (.pp2)
5 rings sets (L&R) (.pp2)

3 Vamp Shades (V4/G4/A4) (.pp2)
5 chain necklaces (.pp2)

14 Textures and 2 templates

MAT Poses

5 Metal MAT Poses – Collar
7 Leather/Color MAT Poses – Collar

5 Metal MAT Poses – Earrings
7 Gem color MAT Poses (Gem01)
7 Gem color MAT Poses (Gem02)

5 Metal MAT Poses

5 Ring MAT Poses

* Collars have adjustment morphs for the sides, front and neck back.
* Pivot points for the earrings have been pre-adjusted at the earlobe. This makes for easier scaling and transitioning.
* MAT poses for gems are basic colors with glossiness added.

Additional Notes:
*Previously sold at Renderosity. With the exception that in the previous release there was only 1 chain necklace now there are 5 and have several adjustment morphs. All the materials have been modified to work in a basic manner for D|S.


Midnight Fever


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    April 6, 2013

    cool stuff…thank you Caustique

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    April 6, 2013

    Can’t ever have too much jewelry for V4! Thanks a bunch. 🙂

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