Dark Elves for Genesis 2 Female(s)

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Now you can harness their power. Includes a fully customized Dark Elf character for Genesis 2 Female(s), with six texture options ranging from the dark blue and black Drow, to the lighter skinned Night Elves and Blood Elves of lore (light blue, green, pink, and purple) There are five humanoid eyes, as well as five glowing eye options for your perusal. The eyes will actually glow, but require the Subsurface Shader by Age of Armor. Additionally, there is a No Ears Morph option, in case you want to use the set without elven ears (also good for situations when using certain hair or head wear). Also included are conforming Dark Elf eyebrows, with six colors (Blue, Black, White, Green, Red, Purple). If you’re looking for armor to dress up your Elves as well as a bow and poses for it, be sure to check out Midnight Huntress, which was designed for this set. This version is for Genesis 2 Female(s) only. Maps use V6 UV Set


Rosen Spine for A4V4S4
Midnight Huntress for Genesis 2 Female(s)


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