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Perfect Hair is a Python script for Poser to set up materials for hair figures and hair props. It is mainly intended for use with layered hair that uses transparency maps for single strands of hair as it is most common for Poser hair nowadays. (Perfect Hair can’t be used with dynamic hair.)

Perfect Hair creates realistic highlights and brilliance for the hair with controllable intensity and size. For the hair color, the existing map may be tinted by a color or converted to a gray map allowing to set any color. It’s even possible to turn dark hair into blond or gray.

For special effects, it’s also possible to use translucence for the hair or to add a small amount of ambient. This allows to simulate light shining through the hair, which is in particular visible for curly hair.

Straight hair may be turned into wavy hair by adding special displacement. These waves are completely procedural and can be controlled in many different ways. It’s possible to create waves from light to strong and from small to large. It’s even possible to create the triangular look from a crimping iron.

Note: Results may vary depending on hair geometry and used texture maps.

Note: This script implements the material techniques described in part 5 of my tutorial The Poser Compendium: Materials for Human Characters.

See editorial section for detailed feature list and download link for manual.



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