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Whether you are a content creator or a user of dForce assets, you won’t want to miss this two-session tutorial presenting over 3 hours of instruction.

dForce is Daz Studios most recent and powerful addition to the software and modelling options, shipping with version 4.10. It enables the content creator to define the tensile strength of a mesh and then simulate it as it collides with other meshes, whether the mesh is other clothing, props, or the figure itself. In this way, textures from the finest silks to the coarsest wools can be simulated. It is a very powerful tool to simulate real-life materials and in a very few, simple steps can create unparalleled realism to your scenes.

In two sessions, Arki (Kim Schneider), walks you through the process of setting up a dForce modifier, simulation and running the simulation using her most recent model, Striga.

She demonstrates how to create a multilayered skirt and arms; shows design and modelling considerations for a dForce compliant outfit; how to add a dForce Modifier to the clothing; How to run a simulation and consideration using both single frame or animation types; How to edit influence maps that define how stiff or soft a material is; and finally, how to adapt older garments that have not been created as a dForce compliant asset.


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