Clothing Cleavage Modifier UPDATE 1.3

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Are you sick of clothing looking like it’s turned into cling wrap when using the Genesis shapes? That un-natural tightness between the breasts that ruins your renders? Well this may just be the product for you! Forty nine individually hand-crafted breast smoothing morphs for ALL the major Genesis shapes (Basic/Reby Sky/Stephanie 4/Victoria4/Victoria5/Victoria five Super Model/Voluptuous/Aiko4/Girl4), which when applied under clothing gives a more realistic look. All these morphs correspond with the most popular female breast morphs included in the Genesis Evolution: Body Morphs package, such as Heavy, Implant and Natural. Also included are nine female and five male butt smoothing morphs that reduce the cling in the rear area. As a special bonus, also included are matching smoothing morphs for the popular PandoraX for Genesis character! *This product is only meant for use UNDER clothing, and cannot be expected to work with absolutely ALL clothing, especially those with added morphs in the breast area. Dialing between 0 and 1 will help you find the perfect balance of smoothness.



TreadZ for Genesis
Castle Combe Part 1-2-3


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