CLOTHER 1.0 for V3

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CLOTHER 1.0 for V3
CLOTHER 1.0 for V3, software for PC

CLOTHER gives you always fitting photorealistic clothes for your digital woman.
Clothes from CLOTHER fits for all skin textures and poses you have.
CLOTHER gives you a possibility to use photorealistic clothes textures on your favourite skin texture without necessity to use or have advanced graphical programs and without losing your precious time.
Now only few mouse clicks divides you from having texture combining your favourite skin texture with beautiful photorealistic high quality clothes from CLOTHER ready to use on your V3 figure.
What is even more important thanks to CLOTHER you can easy MIX and MATCH all available clothes textures or move clothes parts up or down without any problems. Even if you want to have bra on the top of the blouse, or trousers under the panties.
If we didn’t convince you yet, we have few surprises for you:
We added to CLOTHER two special functions – HUE & SATURATION.
You can easy change the colour of each available clothes.
It’s true!
Now you have endless colour possibilities for each clothes.
Our photorealistic clothes textures have shadows for natural look.
If you are still not sure you can download demo version of CLOTHER.

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