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The show must go on! Tonight we invite you to witness the haunting beauty and nimble grace of Treuss, one of Cirque du Morr’s otherworldly dancers! Treuss comes with a full second skin costume, head to toe, along with 15 beautiful poses and her magificent earwing jewelry prop, not to mention her own unique face and eyes textures.

– Treuss Full Outfit
– Treuss Legs
– Treuss Sleeves
– Treuss Gloves
– Treuss Bottom
– Treuss Top
– Treuss Head
– Treuss Eyes

– Treuss Earwing

– 15 Full Body Poses

The Treuss costume was crafted with dynamic 3D depth mapping and dynamically reflects light. Apply the costume all at once or in pieces along with your favorite characters and clothing sets!



Cirque du Morr
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