Channing’s Marine for M4 Two

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Your M4 Marine now has some underwear to go along with his uniform! Included in this set are a pair of briefs and a vneck tshirt. This set is intended for M4, M4 Enhanced, Hiro 4 and Guy 4.

The briefs include 4 textures, and the shirt includes 10 textures. There are DS and Poser MATs for all texture sets.

The briefs include the following morphs: BellySmooth, BellyThickness, BellyThin, GluteCreaseL, GluteCreaseR, GluteFlexL, GluteFlexR, GlutesDimpleDepth, HipsCrest, HipsSize, LoveHandleL, LoveHandleR, StomachDepth, ThighsThickness, ThighsTone, TorsoThickness, TummyOut, WaistWidth, GlutesSize, GluteRaiseL, GluteRaiseR.

M4Enhn:Bulge, LowerMuscular, MuscleBulk, RaiseHipLine, SlimmerAnime, Thighs, TightEnd, Torso1, Torso2, Torso3, Waistline01, Muscular2, Muscular1, Muscular3, BigBelly, Mina01, Mina02, Mina03, Mina04

GuyBody1, GuyBody2, BuyBody3, GuyBody4

FBMS: BodyBuilder, BeerBelly, Bulk, Definition, Emaciated, Jeremy, SuperHero, Thin, Young, H4HiroBody, H4HiroBuilt, H4HiroStylized

The briefs also include draping and dropping morphs to simulate draping the briefs on a finger or on the floor.

There are two package morphs, and several adjustment morphs to correct any fitting issues.


Demonica V4
V4 Diversity Agatha


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