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Cillian is a rugged, wiry character for Genesis 3 Male. He comes with a boatload of options including stubble or clean shaven base face options, texture-based eyebrows in black and brown, a no-brow option and 2 levels of eye black (which are LIE and will work on any character using the Genesis 3 Male UV).

He also comes with a selection of tattoos that can be used on either his hairy or smooth options. He has 3 choices of sleeves for his right arm, 1 left inner forearm option, 3 lower abdomen options, 3 back left shoulder options, 1 neck option, and 1 anatomical element option.

Options that will work on almost any Genesis 3 Male character include an eye scar (textures and HD morphs), dueling scars (texture and HD morph), fibermesh facial hairs (eyebrows, sideburns, mustache, soul patch, goatee and full beard) and 2 eye blacks.


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