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Superhero or evil space alien…you decide! Let Zohra’s many options inspire your next creative endeavor. Packed full of options, Zohra comes with both natural and sci-fi textures that include 12 real-world make-up options, 5 full face sci-fi make-up options, 8 real world lipstick options, 11 eye color options (7 real world, 4 sci-fi), 4 lash options (2 real world, and 2 sci-fi) and 5 nail options (plus injection options for squared nails). Further versatility includes three separate body injection morphs to let you decide what shape Zohra will take. Separate Poser and DAZ Studio files have been included for ease of use.

Included in this set:
01 INJ Face file
01 REM Face file
01 INJ Elite Body file
01 REM Elite Body file
01 INJ Morphs++ Body file
01 REM Morphs++ Body file
01 INJ Muscle Morphs Body file
01 REM Muscle Morphs Body file
01 INJ Nails Square file
01 REM Nails Square file
01 Default Regular MAT file
01 Default Sci-Fi MAT file
07 Natural Eye Color files
04 Sci-Fi Eye Color files
02 Natural Lash Options
02 Sci-Fi Lash Options
03 Lash options
08 Real World Mix & Match Lip files (08 Lip files + 01 Plain Lip file)
12 Real World Make-Up files (12 Make-Up files + 1 Make-Up OFF file)
05 Nail Color options (05 Painted Styles + 01 Default Color)
05 Full Face Sci-Fi Make-Up Options


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