Cavern of Secrets

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A rough old chamber, built into a small cave long ago, for purposes now forgotten. If these worn old stones could talk, they could tell many stores. But they remain silent, for this is the Cavern of Secrets.

The Cavern of Secrets is the perfect place for scenes of intrigue or magic. Use the simple stone furnishings to create a secret room where plots are plotted or where pirates stash their loot. Take out the furnishings and turn it into a dungeon. Add some special effects with the effects props provided, and turn it into a sorcerer’s chamber where ghosts and visions appear and a mystic eye peers out from another world. It also makes a very nice den for your favorite dragon. You can also turn the top invisible and use it as a rough outdoor courtyard– or take out the flooring and use it as a stone pit.

MAT files in the PP version are set up to work in Poser 5 and 6.



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