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i13 Plush Apartment
Catfight! No Rules III

Inspired and unique Jewelry for Victoria 4, A4, G4, S4, Morphs ++

Intended for Poser 6 and Up, optimized for Poser 7 and Up.
NOT FOR DazStudio but read below some important info about that.


Smart parented items:

*10 Pairs of Earrings
*03 Rings
*10 Necklace pendants

Utility Poses:

*03 Utility poses for Each Hand for changing Finger parent and position of the Rings.
*06 Utility poses for attaching the pendants to the FK Necklaces.


*38 Gem colors
*10 Metallics





i13 Plush Apartment
Catfight! No Rules III

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