Catfight! Deadly Duels

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Perhaps the story is of a determined gladiatrix facing down her equal in the Roman arena, two amazons that vie for control of their tribe, one modern day girl gang vs. another, or even seasoned female bounty hunters clashing in the distant future. Whatever your narrative, this amazing collection of catfighting action poses should do the trick!

This package includes 78 poses for Victoria 3 depicted as amazing deadly duels! Import your own weapons or leave them unarmed- let your virtual girls determine their fate with Deadly Duels I! Pose set works with limits ON or OFF, and includes one pose to reset the position of the body so you can get to work right away. Most poses will work well with other millennium or G2 figures, but articulate poses which involve specific body-contact actions such as an arm lock or stranglehold will work best with Victoria 3 herself. * Hair, Weapons, Faces, Textures not included. Most poses were created with weapons in hand- any sword like tool will work- though many poses also feature unarmed combat as well. ** Not all poses pictured.



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