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Column CDCL33F is decorated with the head of Hathor, the ancient Egyptian
goddess of love, mirth, beauty, and fertility.

Default sandstone texture and bump maps are supplied with the Egyptian Column
Pack. Additional column textures are available from the Castle Development

Texture map templates are provided, for making your own column textures. The
main template, which covers the complete column, is named with the column’s name
plus a “T”. For example, the texture map for column CDCL10A is CDCL10AT.jpg.

Two additional templates are included for each of the round columns: a map for
the stem of the column only, with a name that ends in “ATS”, and a map for the
rest of the column, with a name that ends in “ATR”. For example, the three maps
for the CDCL33B column are CDCL33BT.jpg, CDCL33BTR.jpg, CDCL33BTS.jpg.

The reason for having separate maps for the stem and the rest of the columns is
that the tops of the columns tend to be mostly the same, with the main variation
between columns being the decoration of the stem. So a single map can be made
for a particular column style, then several stem maps made to get variations in
the look of the column. Also, stem maps are interchangeable between columns
CDCL33A, CDCL33B, CDCL33C, CDCL33D, and CDCL33E. The Hathor head column,
CDCL33F, has a different stem geometry, so it cannot share stem maps with the
other columns.



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