Caprice Hair

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Sweet, sweet curls!

Caprice Hair is a medium length/short curly hair for Victoria 4 that will add that sophisticated, whimsy look to your characters.
It looks perfect for fantasy, contemporary, modern goth characters and much more.
It’s a luscious hair with perfect curls and tens of morphs to make it move very dynamically and realistically and always match your characters’ poses.

The package includes several presets, that you can use as they are or as a starting point for custom movements.
The hair is heavy (because of the many morphs included) so we included a complete file (that features ALL the morphs) and a “lighter” one that only sports some of the morphs (presets won’t work perfectly on this though, because of the missing morphs).

The hair fits V4 by default, however you can easily fit it to most character by using the x-tran, y-tran and z-tran parameters. Not including fitting morphs allowed us to save space to add more movement ones!





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