Calypso 2 – Bee

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Designed specifically for Calypso 2, the MPB (Multi Purpose Blimp), nicknamed ‘The Bee’ by the crew, is a highly versatile aircraft. Powered by two hydrogen fuel cells, propelled by two oversized electric rotors, and sustained by two helium filled envelopes, this ship is both agile and endurant. Capable of vertical take offs and landings, perfect stationnary and nearly silent flight, it has become a tool of choice for the team’s study of wildlife in its natural habitat. Equipped with floats, and capable of transporting up to 12 crew members, or 6 divers with all their equipment, this aircraft can also double as an improvised diving platform. A winch located just aft of the cockpit, allows crewmembers and gear to be lowered directly where their mission calls them. The ‘Bee’, is also often used in combination with the Mini Sub, for quick deployment and recuperation.



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Calypso 2 - Mini Sub

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