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Candle light never loses its charm. With these props and lights you can add beautiful candle light to your scenes with ease.

Each candles stick has an attached candle with flame and parented lights set to cast candle light on your scene. Also included are material files to turn the flames on and off if you prefer to post work them in. The 22 candle prop styles range from antique to modern and also include candles without sticks that can be placed in other containers or held aloft. To add yet more flexibility to the set I have also included material presets for 13 additional wax colors, 12 enamels for candle sticks and bases, six metal shader presets that use ray traced reflections and 5 glass shader presets.

Also included in the set is 30 uberlight set ups. 15 use ambient occlusion and 15 are saved as ambient lights so that you can choose the speed that suits you better. These lights can be used as fill lights in your scenes to simulate darker fill light that would naturally occur in rooms or outdoor scenes.



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