BWC Skies 2

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A new set of 10 Skydomes with Light Presets for DAZ Studio 4.6+.

With this set you get 10 more Skydomes and Lights for your scenes.

Each Skydome and it’s Light Preset is grouped together, which allows you to rotate Skydome and Light at once for adjusting the direction the Light should come from.

Included are Light Presets using UberEnvironment as well as sets which are based upon Age of Armour’s Advanced Distant Light and Advanced Ambient Light (you must own AoAs Lights to have these presets work).

The distant Lights of the UberEnvironment presets are split into “Diffuse” and “Specular” Lighting, this allows you to adjust the strength of diffuse and specular independent from each other.

Required Products:
Advanced Ambient Light
Advanced Distant Light



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