Burlap Dolly Genesis and Genesis 2 Female

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Adorable or creepy, sweet or terrifying, the Burlap Dolly is ready for your renders!

This set includes morphs and materials for both Genesis and Genesis 2 Female. The Plain Dolly character has a separate head and limb preset that can be mixed with your other morphs or used as-is for a more realistic mannequin or scarecrow. The Toon Dolly is a more rounded and toy-like character. You can fit the included button eyes to either for cuter looks, or the eye and mouth stitches for scarier characters.

The included textures come in plain burlap, grimy burlap, or a detailed patches and stitches option. The set also includes burlap shaders for clothes and yarn shaders to make most hairs go with your dollies. You can use them with no transparency or use the transparency of the existing hair, whichever looks better in your scene.

This set includes everything you need to bring your cute and scary dolls to life!


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