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A complete bumper car ride for your favorite character and friends.
The bumper cars come in 11 different colors. The carrosserie of the cars has 2 different material zone?s, so you can mix and match the colors. The head and rear lights can be switched on/off.
The bumper cars are lacated in the character library.
The bumper car ride building is located in the props library.
There is one lights preset included for the scene.

All promotional images are rendered with Poser Pro 2010.
The characters used in the promotional images are not included.

The bumper cars include the following moving parts in the ?body? section:
-Move seats (moves the seats forward to fit younger characters)
-Raise to fit ride (raises the bumper car to fit the building)
-Rotate steering
-Push accelerator pedal
-Adjust spark size (adjusts the size of the electric spark on top of the power lead)
-Rotate power lead
-Adjust power lead hight

The building is a static prop.


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