Breeanna for K4 & Chibi UPDATE

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Here is an additional texture for a very different Breeanna. When I was finishing Breeanna, I decided at the last moment not to use this texture. I think now, though, that this one might just bring out more of the character I had in mind.

Also, I have included two things to make it easier to work with Breeanna:

First is a pose that will flatten the nipple of Breeanna, but will leave the breast as it is. This is very useful for fitting clothing.

Next, I have included BreeGirl MorphOnly poses. Breeanna comes with a set of BreeGirl poses that not only change the morph, but also change the texture. This can be a problem if you are using a texture other than the one that originally came with Breeanna. That’s when the BreeGirl MorphOnly poses will be helpful.

Breeanna toon teen for K4 & Chibi



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