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These poses do need the Perfect V4 fixes in order to work as expected, plus the loading of 2 feet shaping morphs that are included in the Complete and Upgrade versions of Perfect V4 (see ReadMe for details).

These poses are all injecting values for one of the Perfect fixes, called Perfect Toes bend, to ensure they will look fine automatically (and a Reset pose for this morph is provided, if you need to disable it for loading a pose from another pose set).

10 cameras are included, to help with some of the poses that required it the most (Note : Poser only cameras, the cameras won’t work in Daz).

Eyes are not posed, for your convenience, and these pose won’t override your morphs, and won’t alter your custom morph forms either (any custom sized eyes, head size, foot size).


V4 Ultra Aging Morphs
Winona Windhair


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