Breast Utilities for Genesis 3 Female(s)

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A huge set of options to enhance Genesis 3 Female(s) breasts.
All morphs (except Projection) come with individual Left and Right dials for asymmetrical control and a total of 173 mixable options.
All options include its respective card for easy visual recognition.
The set is also a Merchant Resource; you can use the included morphs to enhance your own Genesis 3 Female characters.

This set includes:
32 full breast shapes, from flat chest to big sized, from firm to gravity, from realistic to idealized… Combine them and create your own looks.
Detailed morphs to enhance specific details.
A collection of 10 nipple HD morphs for detail and realism.
Corrective morphs to help you avoid the “vacuum” effect and pokes on Autofited clothing. Projection morphs affects the clothing shape only, not the character.
Script to randomize shapes and details in many ways: Select small shapes, big shapes, details, or all at once. Add subtle amounts of random asymmetry to increase realism and as a bonus, the Nipple Tip morph to add that final touch when needed. All randomizer options come with a control dial to adjust the desired strength, allowing you to go from very subtle, to extreme shapes.


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