Bolt Thrower

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Everyone halted and the group fell relatively quiet, save for the occasional gibbering and chatter from their goblin ranks.
A thin male ork atop a fast moving Rhinaga closed the distance, then rode directly up to Grella. “Mistress”, he said, bowing his head in submission to her, “I come with reinforcements from Argoth.”
“A pleasant surprise. Word of our setbacks at the edge of the Vale of Grenlow must have finally reached mother. Tell me, do you have word from Mortus?”
“No, mistress. No word other than to not return in failure.”
“As if…” Grella muttered under her breath.
…just then, she caught sight of the reinforcements. A mob of tiny green skinned figures in piecemeal armor lead the way, two contingents of at least one hundred more each of the expendable little goblinz. Following them, though, was a sight Grella welcomed wholeheartedly. Two squads of large, angry looking ork males, numbering roughly twenty strong each, and at the center of each squad, pulled by a cantakerous triceratox, came a chariot and battlewagon, containing cargo of supplies, weapons and two heavy bolt throwers.
Bolt Thrower figure w/smart propped Bolt/Arrow
2 optional placement poses for use w/ the Battle Wagon and Chariot
Default Material files for Poser 6 & up
DS3 default MAT poses


Ratz: Male
Triceratox: Orkish Mount


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