Black Bear Range

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Elder Peaks
EMT Bus (for Poser)

QuadSpinner invites you to Black Bear Range. This adaptable scene, inspired by northern Arizona’s Kaibab National Forest, could be at the heart of the tee-pee circle in a Native American community or the long pause of a wagon train venturing west. Deer, bison, bear, and wild mustangs inhabit these meadows and hills.
Black Bear Range features:
– Hand-sculpted mountains and snowy peaks, with custom flow maps for snow distribution
– An expansive meadow 8 kms long
– Crisp spring morning atmosphere
– Dynamically populated with over 85,000 pines and 1.59 million blades of grass
– Vegetation is created with Dynamic EcoSystems, allowing even computers with limited memory to render this large scale scene
– Unlocked materials for your convenience
– Strong depth of field accentuated by the softly curved layers in mid-ground


Elder Peaks
EMT Bus (for Poser)

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