Beast Mode Sporty Outfit for G8F

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Beast Mode Sporty Outfit is the first dynamic outfit of the EcVh0 Sporty Series, with unbelievably massive selection of textures in one single product, as well as full dynamic draping system to make the clothing look extremely realistic!

The diversity of the textures not only makes it the perfect sporty outfit to wear, but also the suitable outfit for anything else from sci-fi actions to superheros!

What is EcVh0 Sporty Series? EcVh0 Sporty Series consists of multiple clothing items designed to revolutionize the way a piece of clothing is produced and used. It intends to give users the maximum realism – by implementing fully dynamic draping system on every single piece of clothing, as well as the maximum control over what they can create – by letting user create their own desired texture from a huge range of selection with a few mouse clicks, rather than having a fixed, static texture, making every user the designer of their own clothes, widen the creativity, and possibilities.

What is included in Beast Mode Sporty Outfit? With Beast Mode Sporty Outfit, you will get a sporty top, and a sporty tights which include the following:

A fully dynamic draping system: It dynamically creates drapes/wrinkles on the clothing as it bends. The system covers almost all bending joints, maximizing the realistic bending effect on a tight piece of clothing.

Micro Pressure Morph: Each piece of clothing includes a micro pressure morph which stimulates the soft body effect on tight clothing, a simpe click and all will load for you!

Full Compatibility to all Daz’s Original Body Morphs: Both clothing are designed to fit all Daz’s original genesis 8 body morphs, as well as the Killer Legs 2.0 Morphs for Genesis 8 Female!

Over 30 Extra Adjustment and Shaping Morphs: The outfit includes over 30 extra adjustment and shaping morphs combined for extra movements of the clothing, each carefully crafted to achieve the greatest realism. It includes different pulling directions on edges, and pulling effects at the center, and more!

Limitless Outfit Combinations: Yes, the combinations are literally limitless! In fact, EcVh0’s Create Your Own Texture technology allows you to produce exactly 1,587,317,760 different outfit combinations (186,480 different choices for sporty top, 8,512 different choices for sporty tights) by simple click and choose! Check out the EcVh0’s Create Your Own Texture section below for more details!

EcVh0’s Create Your Own Texture. EcVh0’s Create Your Own Texture is a new technology designed to give the user the maximum control over the texture they want to have on one piece of clothing. Instead of providing just a few fixed, unchangeable textures, this new technology allows you to create your own desired texture from selections of “bases” by the following steps:

Choose a Material : You can choose the material of the clothing from a few material settings.

Choose a Pattern : You can choose the pattern you want to “imprint” onto the surface of your clothing from a range of selections, and even choose to imprint words onto the clothing for some of the selections!

Choose a Cloth Base : You can choose the base texture you want to have over a wide collection!

Choose a Cloth Color : You can choose the particular color you want the clothing to have, from either the collection or create your own!

Choose a Text Color (Optional) : You can choose the text color you want on the piece of clothing that is word-available! Again, from either the collection, or simply create your own, or choose not to have any at all!


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