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..Down Suburbian..
The streets sceneries evolve… once you have passed all the sideways and roads, your walk brings you under ground: Here comes your set to build either a large suburbian subway or a basement, or a room set underground, or whatsover:
The Basement/Subway Construction Kit
This kit is an assembly of 7 Main Parts, which fit together in size and style, enabling you to make a quick render of an underground scenery, or build a real large scene. Whatever you whish.
As like the other construction sets, this has every part to be a figure and all connected items to be a bone. No fiddling around placing lamps or doors or wall stuff. It is all preloaded and attached. Simply enable or disable what you need or dont need.
Want to do long focal renders? No problem, simply disable any wallitem, or door, or ….
Predefined poses let you do this quickly.
Every Wall has nine preattached posters, which you can style, move, hide etc.
Every Part can be colored in various styles. All come predefined and loadable through pose sets. Every wall can be colored on its own. You probably have never expiriences such great versatility.
In completion, this set comes with 20 preset poses for M4 and V4, our freebie sets expand this by multiples.


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