Bandit Outfit for Genesis 2 Male(s)

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Bandit Outfit for Genesis 2 Male(s) is a conforming six piece ensemble that brings out the rebel in your characters.

Textures and Materials: It comes with two varied texture and material sets. “Thug” Texture Set – a reminiscent of youthful mischief. “Royalty” Texture Set – the refined grandmaster of the guild.

Depth and Folds: The clothing figures were constructed mindfully, so as to capture the behavior of cloth drapes. Depth maps were used to add wrinkles on cloth and leather surfaces.

Weight Maps:: Customized weight maps to ensure a natural fit to Genesis 2 Male and Michael 6.

Styles and Morphs: Tuck it in or let it hang loose. Pull it side ways and twist the handles. Morph your Character into Michael 6 and back to Genesis. The clothing set comes with a myriad of morphs to accomplish all of the above.

Lights: Two bonus Light Sets to set the mood and your ready to render your scene.



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