Ball Joint Doll for Genesis 2 Female(s)

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The traditional ball-jointed doll is delicate and slightly ethereal, a beautiful creature with its own mythology as much as it is a toy or collectible. Featuring a unique set of conforming ball joints for Genesis 2 Female and matching textures and materials, this set lets you transform your Genesis 2 Female characters into ball-jointed dolls. You can use the all-new custom FBM character, or create your own using the included ball joints and ball-joint morph.

The realistic textures and materials imitate the look of resin dolls, with their delicate matte skin and painted makeups (many options for both face and nails are included). There are both standard and SSS shader options, for realistic closeups but also for render efficiency if you want to fill a room with dolls or use it on a small child’s toy in a larger scene.

The joint-pinch morph that goes with the ball joints does not transfer into clothing, and the ball joints themselves have many different mat zones, so clothes can easily be worn over the limbs.


This product includes:

1 DSON Core Installer



Artist Studio Poses and Shader Presets
Growing Up for Genesis


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