Backstreet 2

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There are everything in the pack that you needed and you can provide a complete street scene by using this product. “Backstreet 2” was designed to give you high quality mesh models along with flexible street compositions by using each individual part. All figures and props can be used independently or you can simply use scene file for your renders.

In this pack; there are 3 main construction element that are apartment,movie and basket
area and 13 props for creating street atmosphere easily.

Of course you would need some camera datas with this product and you will find 10 various
camera sets in the pack.

Wait! That’s not all.. There are also 2 Light sets for your day and night renders..

Models in this pack are modelled as high quality but low polygons as not to strain
your pc allowing you to use high realism without loosing any performance.

The textures are all hi quality and extremely detailed.



Ballgown V4/A4/G4

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