Backdrops Exp. 3 Groty Places

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Dirty, nasty, filthy, grungy, gory, icky! This set of add-on textures for Backdrops Made Easy provides you with nine groty places, suitable for all manner of scenes of fright, danger, and mayhem.

Abattior. Blood has been spilled here. Lots of it

Blood and Guts. Like Abattoir, only fresher, wetter, redder, and lots more of it.

Corroded. And you thought rust was bad.

Green Crud. What’s that stuff growing on the walls and floor? Are you sure you want to know?

Hovel. Rough old board walls, dirt floor. Yep, it’s a hovel, all right.

Old Bathroom. Well, it could also be an old kitchen. In any case, not a place to walk around barefoot.

Old House 1. Peeling wallpaper, broken plaster, grime, stains. The perfect little fixer-upper.

Old House 2. Forget fixing it up; this place has been seriously trashed.

Toxic Slop. The perfect place to wear that new acid-proof HazMat suit. Better yet, wear two.

Required Products: Backdrops Made Easy

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Required Products? Backdrops Made Easy



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