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The items created for Amara use automatic JCM CollarBends. In order to ensure that they load correctly,
Please make sure that you have pre-loaded your Amara character (Or standard V3 character) before loading the items.
If you load the items -before- you load your Amara Character (or standard V3 character), the automatic JCM bend doesn’t work.

In the ‘BODY’ portion of each item, you will find a dial marked ‘Amara Fit’. (The exception to this is the Belt character, which contains the ‘fit’ dial in the ‘hip’ body part.) When the items are first loaded, this dial is set to 1. The value of 0 will cause the item to fit your standard V3 character.

Movement morphs have been included with the Amara Belt to ensure realistic movement. You can use these morphs
at each section of the belt, or as a ‘whole’ by selecting the ‘Front’ or ‘Back’ Body part of the belt, then turning
the dials as you see fit.

Due to the trans maps applied to the clothing and jewelry items, you may want to change your view mode to
‘cartoon with line’ in order to view your pose settings more readily. This view mode will not affect your
render, only how you see the items within your poser document.

I would also like to take a moment to say a heartfelt THANK YOU, to my model hero, Mav for making Amara’s wonderful
items that are included in this pack. Not only were they easy to work with, but they were a joy to texture as well.
Without his kindness, help, patience and support, this pack would not have become the gem that it is. Mav, you ROCK!

****Note: The package was zipped using the paths created for Poser 4.03, if you wish to install this package in Poser 5 remember to keep the paths for the textures as they are or you will encounter errors when trying to load the Mat poses. You can, however, create your own unique folder settings for the character files and mat poses. *****

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