Axel International M5 – UPDATED 1.1

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Revisiting our first product at DAZ 3D, Axel, our original pretty boy, is re-imagined for M5! Not only looking to bring him to M5, we looked at how to make him even better. His face morph has been resculpted and enhanced to look more natural. He also returns with several of his M4 companions from the orginal and Generations expansion, and includes a lot more new friends as well.

His textures have been totally remastered and include new tattoo options as well as the textures for the M5 Gens.

Axel includes 12 head morphs, and 8 body morphs, 3 of which are scaled morphs for when you need a shorter male for your renders. Each morph has been created in Zbrush and optimized for M5. Additional nipple and bulge morphs have been included for even more body customization.



Beloved Hair
Baby N Danny Hair MALE

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