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Files courtesy of Dave Harley

Aslaug was brought up by her mother’s foster father, Heimer, who hid her with a peasant couple who then raised her as their own. In order to protect Aslaug, and so that no one would recognize the beautiful little girl, they renamed her “Kraka”, or “Crow”, rubbed her with tar and hid her in dark, concealing clothing.

The first Aslaug gown made of black feathers with silver lace, jet and silver floats pays homage to the strongly mystical side of Aslaug as Kraka.

Later in Aslaug’s life, the famous Ragnar Lothbrok fell in love with her. In order to test her worthiness and wit, he set her a riddle and told her come to him “wearing a dress that is not a dress, eating food that is not food, unaccompanied but not alone.” Aslaug arrived clad in fish net, eating an onion and with a dog. Impressed by her sharp wits, Ragnar married her, and Aslaug went on to bear him four heroic Viking sons.

The second Aslaug gown made of gold netting with golden sea creatures caught up in it, and with strings of gold and amber floats honors the wise queen that Aslaug became.

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