Animals in Motion 1

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Animals in Motion 1 is a set of 70 keyframed motion sequences for specific Poser and DAZ studio compatible posable animal figures.

These sequences were meticulously keyframed, often from live action footage of various animals and are the result of several years of effort. There are both in place walk and run cycles, linear sequences over distance, and ambient motions. Whether you are a hobbyist or a serious animator, this set is a must have for any Poser / DAZ Studio animators toolkit.

The set includes motion sequences for the following figures available at the the following links.
Am bear
DAZ Camel
Eclipse Elk
Eclipse Moose
DAZ Michael 3
Millenium Cat
Millenium Gorilla
Polar Bear
Poser Cow
Silver Key Elephant
Silver Key Giraffe
Silverkey Monkey


Animals in Motion 2
Summer Sports 2008


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