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Fitting the Angeloi outfit you get four props to fill your angelic scenes: An easy posed horn, an easy posed incense burner with a long chain, an easy posed handheld scale and an easy posed articulated scroll.

The Royale Texture Expansion comes with 3+ complete texture sets for the Angeloi Accessories .

3+ complete texture sets for the Angeloi Accessories for V4
4 Wing Armor Textures
3 Incense Burner Textures
3 Scales Textures
3 Horn Textures
3 Scroll #2 Textures

19 Texture maps
01 TRANSmaps
04 Reflect Maps
19 Bump/Specular/Ambient/Displacement Maps
16 Poser MAT Pose files
16 Daz|Studio 4 Material files

Angeloi Accessories for V4 by SilverArk
[wing armor (for Malaik Wings) | incense burner | scales | horn | scroll #2]
Malaik Wings (for wing armor) by SilverArk

Poser 8+; Daz Studio 4+
[Poser MAT Pose Files will function in Daz Studio 2 & 3 but are not supported]
Daz Studio Compatible with minor adjustments.

Required: Link to post:
Angeloi – the Accessories


Angeloi Flamesword Texture Expansion - Royale
Angeloi V4-M4 Texture Expansion - Royale


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