American Woman for V4

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Sexy Shapes 3 - Bodyshop V4


American Woman for V4″ is an original custom INJ head morph, and a high quality texture set for the DAZ Victoria 4 model, that portrays an older black female. Carefull attention to details such as naturalistic features and laugh lines give this model an uncanny level of realism that is sure to breath new life, exitement and inspiration into your future renders.

The hair and the garments in the promotional illustrations are not a part of this set.

The Large Hoop Earrings in the Illustrations are simple modifications of the Torus primitive found in Poser9, files are included to load these as smart props. These files are to be considered a bonus and are not properly a part of this set.

MakeUp options include 2 variations of eyeshadow and 6 lip colors



Sexy Shapes 3 - Bodyshop V4

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