American High School (for Poser)

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Product Features:
* Two Poser figures: obj, cr2/ png.
* School Building, at 56,811 polygons:
-Front, rear, and side doors can open and close (with ERC dials on the BODY).
-The vents on the roof can be hidden, shown, or rotated to suit the needs of your scene.
-Windows numbered 01A to 14A can open and close (with individual ERC dials on the BODY).
-The interior doors do not move.
-Three texture variants/ MAT poses.

* School Room, at 864 polygons:
-Scaled to fit within the rooms of the school building.
-All three desks, all three chairs, and the garbage can are separate body parts which can be moved or rotated to suit the needs of your scene. (The trans and rotate dials have been made visible.)


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  1. Profile photo of swexer


    April 10, 2013

    Thank you_myducky_

    I have really missing a Real School-Bulding.

  2. Profile photo of Joe


    June 13, 2013

    The building exterior should also do well for an official building (government buildings do tend to look alike, you know 😛 ) Thanks!

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