Alpine Meadows Mega Bundle

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This Bundle Contains:
Eighteen Black Sedge Grass SolidGrowth Plants – Carex novais a type of wild flowering sedge found in many cool areas of the world.It represents the lush emerald grasses found in damp alpine meadows, and on the borders of alpine streams and lakes, and is represented in both fall and summer colors with flowers or foliage only and in three different lengths, making this an enormously versatile and useful plant.
Eight Sweet Vernal Grass SolidGrowth Plants – Anthoxanthum odoratum, known as alpine sweet grass, or vernal grass, is a species of grass found just about any where in temperate regions of the world This version is taken from shorter plants from an alpine area of Norway.
Eight Northern Oat Grass SolidGrwoth Plants – Trisetum spicatum A tufted perennial with hairy leaves and erect downy stems topped with a dark spike-like flower head, sometimes not continuous.Fairly common in rocky and gravel mountain habitats. .
Four Three Flowered Rush SolidGrwoth Plants – Juncus triglumis A tiny, tufted perennial with stiff stems and narrow leaves mostly basal, but 1 on low stem sometimes. Mostly 3, but maybe 2-5, brown to yellow flowers with all 3 at same level atop stem.
Twenty Two SolidGrowth Alpine Plants including primulas, Edelweiss, Veronica, Alpine Astor, Scabious, grass of parnassus,Syrinchuum,Speedwell and many more! Many both in flowering and foliage formats.
One SolidGrowth Low Poly Thrift Plant Unique to this bundle! And an ecosystem using it.
Thirteen Grass Ecosystems specially created for this bundle of grasses and not available with the individual species bundles
Nine Ecosystems Unique to this Bundle combining the power and diversity of the alpine grasslands with the jewel like flowers of the high alps and including rocks and scree for added realism.


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