Allied Fleets Heavy Battle Cruiser OBJ Format

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This is a very highly detailed 3D (OBJ format) model of a huge science-fiction command ship. The detail level is above and beyond what is typically available for a model in this price range.

The Allied Fleets Heavy Battle Cruiser (AFHBC) is designed to be a command ship for an Allied Fleets task force consisting of several capitol ships. Influenced by the Admiral’s desire for excessive firepower, this ship is designed to single-handedly defeat small to medium sized fleets, and its mere presence in a battle indicates strategic significance. The AFHBC is equipped with a thick hull, huge weapon turrets and large engines. The AFHBC’s main weapon is a forward-firing super cannon that dominates the appearance of the front-end of the ship and can destroy most other capitol ships in a single shot, assuming they don’t move much in the time it takes to charge. The AFHBC is designed to look huge, and was modeled to appear to be about 2.5 miles long. The entire ship is well decorated with details, with highlights including the command area, the main super cannon, and the engines. This model comes with fairly well-detailed hangars, although they are not as detailed as my individually-downloadable hangar model. This version differs from the previous version in three major ways: Compatibility – This is no longer only in MAX format, The model itself is in OBJ format to ensure compatibility with a large selection of software. Optimization – MUCH more detail without a huge increase in polygon count. Bitmaps – The model is accompanied with excellent detailed textures as well as a materials file to assist with texturing the model. Generally, the material maps are not needed due to the extreme mesh detail. The objects are grouped according to detail level and all objects have UVW mapping coordinates. It is easy to change the color scheme of the ship by modifying the texture bitmaps.

Allied Fleets Hangar
Allied Fleets Outpost OBJ Format


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