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Adventure Cave River especially for Pose Pro

The Adventure Cave System River is a huge cave with an underground river in it. There are two wooden bridge constructions as well as some ancient statures and pillars in it.
This is a fantastic background and environment for Fantasy settings as well as Indian Jones or Tomb Raider like scenarios.
The main cave uses 4096×4096 normal map textures to enhance the details in combination with the new poser pro shaders.

This package contains:

The main cave river with the bridges
The water plain with different material settings
Background sphere object with a sphere map on it
5 Light setups
8 Cameras

Additional Information:

When working with this the Adventure Cave River and Characters in it I would recommend to adjust and create fitting light setups. The included light setups can form a good starting point but are rather generic in nature. There are sever cameras included that show nice perspectives but there are by far more interesting sport to discover so have a look around and see what storeys can take place in this location.

The Files and materials are designed for Poser Pro but are to some degree compatible with Pose 6 and Poser 7 but they will not look as good as in Poser Pro.

Theology info Normal maps

If the rendering of the meshs should look wrong in Poser Pro look at the gamma settings in the material for the normal map texture and set the value to 1.0 ( advanced material editor tab) If it is set to any other value tehn 1.0 it will brake the normal maps.

The full visual quality is only possible to get in Poser Pro and not in the earlier versions, I
strongly recommend to use this set with Poser Pro.

To install the product extract all files including the directories in to your poser content
directory that could be for example something like: Program Files efrontierPoser Pro
Downloads directory



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