Tie Me Up G3F

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New special furniture for playful needs. Let the fun begin!

You get:
– Frame Big Prop (with and without Chains)
– Frame Mid Prop (with and without Chains)
– Gate Prop
– Net Prop
– Chain 20 Links; EasyPose
– Chain 35 Links; EasyPose
– Chain 100 Links; EasyPose
– 5 Poses for the Frames (3 Big, 2 Mid) + their mirrored counterparts (10 total)
– 8 Poses for the Gate + their mirrored counterparts (16 total)
– 5 Poses for the Net + their mirrored counterparts (10 total)
– 36 Poses for G3F total
– 12 Position Poses for the Chains

Materials iray optimized

You need:
Genesis 3 Female
DAZ Studio 4.8+
Does not work in Poser


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