Inspiration Poses – Cowgirl Volume I

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Part 2 of 7 in the Inspiration Poses Volume 1 Series!

You've spent hours creating your characters, days dressing them and building and lighting your scenery. Now it's time to make some magic but the prospect of spending hours posing your figures has you going cross-eyed 🙁

Inspiration Poses – Cowgirl Vol I is the 2nd in a series of easily organized full body poses to make creating your scenes fast and inspire your creativity!

Each set in the Inspiration series is organized by folder (BJ-HJ, Cowgirl, Doggy etc..) to make finding the sex position you're looking for frustration free. All of the main poses are built for a flat plane (floor, bed etc.) and a second tier folder contains "Multi-Plane" poses that can be used for furniture, stacks of sci-fi crates, a rocky hillside, wherever your imagination takes you! All of the poses are designed to give you great renders from any angle!

Due to the mix and match nature of the Inspiration series, no morphs of any kind have been used so that poses from one Inspiration set can more easily be combined with the other Inspiration sets. The benefit to the user is that if you modify the pose for your scene, there is no fighting against any fitting morphs.

These poses do not contain any expressions or anatomical element poses since they are designed to work with whatever gens you want to use, all hips are aligned for "easy access" to any gens set. The positions are designed to accommodate regular and large gens, with giant gens requiring very little adjustment!

This is the second set in a 7 part series, keep an eye out for Inspiration Pose


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