Foot Fetish Fanatics G8

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Layla proudly presents – Foot Fetish Fanatics!

These 50 carefully crafted poses are the ultimate Foot Fetish posing solution for Genesis 8 characters.

Finally, a comprehensive foot fetish poses solution, and it's got it all – Foot Fucking, Foot worship, licking etc. No matter the scenario, these poses will aid you in instantly creating beautiful, realistic and compelling renders.

The male pose presets come with no genital preset, so that you can easily use any one that you like. Feet & hands are placed in a position so that the genitalia preset will be posed in the correct position by default, or with minimal adjustment.

The poses are extremely detailed, taking advantage of the realistic Genesis 8 figure rig, with any camera angle producing amazing render results.

Finally, a high-quality comprehensive solution for any scenario involving foot fetish and / or female domination!


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