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Before uploading a file please do a thorough site search to make sure file has not already been published. If your file is an update to a previously posted file, indicate 'update' in the file name. Duplicate files will not be published.

When posting an item purchased as a bundle include a complete list of all libraries included in the Bundle. Compilation of individual products is not allowed.

Provide at least 2 promotional images.
Images must be more than 450 pixels wide. No 'Adult' images.

Obtain a link to the source of the file (Daz, RDNA, Renderosity, etc.) You may put it in a txt file & name it 'link.txt', if you don't know how to include a link*.
Place the zip file, the images and the source link in a '.rar' file (not zip or any other format, it MUST be in rar format).
Please note that all forms of advertising are banned.

If you have any questions, post your question to the 'Remarks' group and you will receive an answer.