3DS Darby for Genesis 3 Female

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3DSublimeProductions Presents Darby for Genesis 3 Females

Darby comes with:

Darby Head Shaping Preset
Darby Body Shaping Preset

Lashes Longer Preset
Navel Apply
Navel Remove
Nipple Apply
Nipple Remove

Base Mat Material Preset
Bump Higher Preset
Bump Lower Preset
Normal Maps Remove Preset
Normal Maps Apply ALL Preset
3Delight Shader
Specular Low Preset
Specular Medium Preset
Specular High Preset

Translucency Low Preset
Translucency Medium Preset
Translucency High Preset

14 Makeup Presets
Makeup Off Preset

7 Eye Texture Presets

7 Lip Color Presets
1 Natural Lip Color Preset
Darby Lips Base Dark Preset
Darby Lips Base Light Preset
Darby Lips Base Glossy Preset
Darby Lips Base Matte Preset

14 Nail Color Presets


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